Ray Ferreira

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About me

I help companies explore and express their unique value to customers, employees, and candidates.

Collecting and aligning structured insights and audience motives to visual, verbal, and experiential strategies.

Tech Savvy

Applying emerging platforms and media toward complex communication challenges.


Delivering compelling presentations, focus groups, workshops, interviews, and content to maximize impact.

Personal Info


Ray Ferreira


Middlesex, NJ 08846, USA


+1 (732) 236-1837

Pro. Experience

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Focused skills

Brand Message Development

Aligning value propositions with audience motives and aspirations. Developing strategic message platforms.

Digital Marketing

Identifying and integrating social/digital ecosystems. Designing effective inbound-marketing strategies.

Social Media Strategy

Developing content and media that attracts and engages the right audience. Building brand awareness through social presence.