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Doing my best to be a positive influence.

It’s not what you say about yourself that tells the most compelling story, but what others have to say about you. Here are some testimonials from people I’ve worked with.

Michael Kannisto
Michael Kannisto

VP Talent Acquisition, Vonage

When I think back to those projects in my career that made a difference, raised the bar, challenged the status quo, helped me grow, and thrilled customers, I realize that Ray was involved in every single one. He aligns the strategy and finds new and amazing ways to make an impression. Every. Single. Time.

Claire Chandler
Claire Chandler

President, Talent Boost

Ray is one of the most strategically creative people I have had the good fortune to work with. His expertise is unparalleled, and he has helped me to elevate my own capabilities as I deliver value to clients.

Marisa Goldman
Marisa Goldman

Recruiting Manager

Ray is a wealth of knowledge and fantastic to work with. His commitment and positive spirit brings focus and energy to any project.