Graphic Communications Leadership Institute (GCLI)
Branding & Promotion

I worked closely with GCLI creators and faculty leaders, Joe Truncale and Mike Philie, to define the multi-tiered target audience for this quarterly leadership development seminar. I then established a brand that would help owners of privately-held printing firms and their top-performing middle managers envision the value of an industry-focused program delivering business management education for emerging leaders in graphic communications.

The website – at – provides a broad overview of the quarterly seminar’s structure and content. Because the program that travels around the United States to connect graphic communications managers and leaders with trade events, supplier tours, and member plant-tour experiences, delivery of schedules and tour opportunities is vital. 

GCLI Brochure - Cover

To support trade events and sponsorship opportunities, I created a 4-page brocure which delivers either as a 4-page printed handout or as a PDF downloadable to support a collection of website, email, and social media promotions.

As with other branded promotions, the brochure delivers all of the vital program information while surrounding the viewer envision successful leaders who are well prepared to advance in their organizations and careers. 


GCLI Brochure - Inside Spread
GCLI Video

After two years of outstanding program success, Joe and Mike wanted to help GCLI participants share their thoughts about the program with prospective group members. 

I worked with Joe to establish interview discussion and recording guidelines that helped him film interviews which I edited into a series of four 45-second LinkedIn video promotins for the program. LinkedIn users who followed the promotion call to action whatched the video on one of four landing pages where they could also download the brochure, explore the rest of the site, or make contact with Joe and Mike to talk about participation.