Impression Paragraph Brand Strategy & Content Marketing

For Impression Paragraph, a market leading printer in Quebec, I rewrote the brand strategy, architecture, and visualization to focus on the most organic of customer experiences…

The Paragraph Experience / l’expérience Paragraphe

We begin with an exploration of phrases – using words that move easily between French and English – to define three levels of the Paragraph brand experience. Beginning at the core, we express the most engaging customer feelings. Surrounding that we tally the enabling skills of Team Paragraph. And in the outermost circle we define the value we deliver through high-impact finished solutions.

To establish a demonstration verbilization and visualization I created definitions of each attribute next to imagery that would help customers see themselves in that experience. For many team members, the words gave them an understanding of each experience but the visualizations made those feelings a real and acheivable customer sensation.

For Paragraph I established a content management system that played out through monthly blog posts, promoted through email and organic social media. Posts sought to help customers and prospects see opportunities for impact and business success by engaging this highly focused and responsive team of print and display communicators.

Each post touched on customer pain points while relating a satisfying solution as a result of Team Paragraph’s insight and knowhow. I added illustrative graphics to each story as a demonstration of Paragraph’s high-impact, communicative personality.

Individual story success was measured by click-through rates from social media and email promotions as well as through inside engagement with click behaviors at the Paragraph site. The most engaging topics were identified to improve future story development.

“Our work with Ray on the Paragraph Brand and Content Marketing program both aligned and engaged our internal team and our external creative partners.  We achieved outstanding results in terms of enhancing Paragraph’s visibility within our key markets and invigorated our our employees around a common visual, verbal, and strategic expression of our value to customers.”

Martin Lépine

President, Impression Paragraph, Montreal, QB